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SoC-uR-PoP Koozie
With Carabiner

One Size Fits All

Polypropylene-Polyamide Nylon-Spandex  

  • 1) Wear as a regular sock until function is needed.

    2) Outer Sleeve, Upper Cuff; of can serve as an inconspicuous holding spot, say for cash. Or tucking your pant leg into it while riding a bike to work.  

     3) Outer Sleeve, Bottom Cuf; Can turn a sock into a Gaiter Sock by pulling the bottom cuff over top of the shoe. sealing the gap between Shoe’N’Sock.   

    4) Outer Sleeve, Bottom Cuff; can also be used to roll shoe laces up then pull upper cuff down over rolled laces for added strength. This is perfect for athletes who need laces bound or a sleeve for their shin guards. Those in construction or adjusters. Anyone using a ladder or climbing roofs, working on scaffolds or a jobsite with Osha enforced code, should own a pair. If you are just a hiker and like your shoes clear of debris.

    Order 2 pairs today from this infographic page and we will send out a “Colorado Hemp Koozie” FREE

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